About Esict

The Egyptian Society of Intensive Care and Trauma (ESICT)


The Egyptian Society of Intensive Care and Trauma (ESICT) was founded in June 1985 by a group of dedicated, interested consultants as the first multidisciplinary NGO in the field of intensive care in Egypt and the Middle East, led by a team of senior physicians, mostly from Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Chest medicine, cardiac surgeons, Pediatricians as well as others.

Few years ago, trauma was added to it activities and name to be the Egyptian Society of Intensive care and Trauma ( ESICT). The society has its own journal known as EJICT which is well known to the researchers in the field of intensive care, Anesthesiology and traumatology, as a quite respectable publication.

Over the years, ESICT has organized a lot of conferences, workshops and specialized courses covering all aspects of intensive care, has invited the most eminent international speakers from all over the world to enrich its activities particularly in respiratory intensive care, neuro-intensive care, pediatric intensive care for the benefit of our Egyptian physicians and society.

ESICT is growing up both in membership and activities, with a quite clear vision


23-24 Nov, 2017


Helnan Landmark Hotel


Who should attend ?

• Intensive care physicians
• Pain specialists
• Surgeons
• Quality and safety specialists
• Trauma physicians
• Trauma surgeons
• Infectious diseases physicians
• Nurses
• Anesthesia technicians
• Anesthesia assistants
• Hospital administration